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Everything on this blog is casual opinions and observations of James K Beard and is not to be referenced as evidence of truth by anyone. All content of these pages is copyright © 2010-2020 by James K Beard, all rights reserved.

Please contact me for permission to quote, even with attribution.

At present, this site contains support material for my eBay postings, plus some material to help those with vintage cameras find batteries and such. I will add a more blog pages soon. Existing blog pages include an opinion piece on Canon FL and early FD optics, and another on pixels and resolution in film photography.

In the near future, blog entries will include frames that contain pages on a Simple Machines forum to allow comments on articles and postings.

I'm thinking of adding a film EOS camera to this blog. Owner's manuals for most of these cameras aren't online anymore. Anyone with these manuals in PDF form or that has one they can scan to PDF and would like to contribute it to his web site for use by other owners of Canon film EOS cameras, please contact me here.

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