Mathematical Modeling


Mainstream Tools

Mathcad the easiest to learn and use, with formatting approaching word processor level for report-writing, and much of Maple incorporated.


O-Matrix An excellent affordable tool that has an add-on to accept Matlab m-files.


Mathematica By Wolfram the premiere high-level analysis and modeling tool.


Matlab The oldest and a standard in many facilities, now with Simulink and other tools.


Maple The people who brought algebraic manipulation to the mainstream, sill the leaders, in a full-featured modeling and analysis environment.

Others Derive, from Texas Instruments Knotplot, for topological visualization of knots MuPad, algebraic manipulation and visualization Pari for number theory Reduce, a computer algebra system SnapPea; see link for information; if the move it, search on SnapPea SPlus, a data anaysis and statistics environment