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Journals, Symposia, and Networking for Engineers and Scientists

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

IEEE Societies A comprehensive list of Societies with links to their web sites

IEEE xPlore Access to IEEE papers in journals and proceedings

AES Aerospace and Electronic Systems

MTT, IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques


The Institute, twice-monthly IEEE professional and industry newsletter. Summary avaialbe by e-mail sign-up.


SPIE International Society for Optical Engineering (I know, I know), the main electro-optical professional society where many tracker and data fusion papers are first published


AOC Association of Old Crows, the premiere EW society


AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics


ACM Association of Computing Machinery


SIAM Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics



Applied Mathematics

MAA Mathematical Association of America


MAA NJ Schedule of local MAA meetings


JOMA Journal of Online Mathematics, a MAA publication


SIAM Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. SIAM News is linked from the home page. American Mathematical Society



Books, Journals, and Blogs

Quaternions & Rotation Sequences by Jack Kuipers the best textbook ever on quaternions, with its own home page.Get the errata sheet here.



Mathematics ArXiv Papers online from U. of California, Davis, kept on a Cornell server


Journal of Combinatorial Theory A Costas arrays, waveform coding, and codes in communication.